Build and furnish schools, so children have a safe environment for learning.  Provide resources including training and housing for teachers so they can effectively teach.  Deliver workshops for parents and caregivers so that they are better able to reinforce learning at home.
Provide the infrastructure for clean water and sanitation, so kids don’t have to drink dirty water that makes them sick.  Provide a nutritious lunch for every child and school and community gardens so that kids have access to nutritious food.  Provide mobile health clinics so kids can see a doctor or nurse when they’re sick.
Equip adults with livelihood resilience by providing financial literacy and entrepreneurship training, and microfinance programs.
Unstoppable Foundation works together with community members
to ensure they have the skills and tools necessary to leave the cycle of poverty behind and achieve their true potential.
Once the program is fully implemented,
communities have:
The tools and resource to continue to grow and expand upon the work we implemented together
The skills and knowledge to run the programs on their own within 5-8 years
The ability to sustain themselves


In order to ensure that every student is empowered with the skills to help them achieve their fullest potential, the Unstoppable Leadership Academy was created. Students will develop leadership and life skills to become effective leaders in their families, communities and the world at large.
Upon successful completion of the 2-year Unstoppable Leadership certificate program, students will demonstrate competence and confidence int he following areas: